Our Call to be P.C.

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To most people today P.C. stands for “Political Correctness” but for us at Open Gate Community Church it stands for “Passion” and “Compassion” God calls us to be a 2 things: Passionate about our relationship with God and His word and Compassion towards those He loves (including the one in the mirror) We are striving to be a community which works to balance these two goals. We feel if the passion for God and His word is without compassion is the path to what looks like the Pharisee’s legalism. Compassion without passion for God and His Word leads us to compromise God’s standards and His very nature. So we work to serve God at the intersection of these two goals. We also believe that one of the best witnesses for the Lord we have in this age are healthy relationships. This starts with a healthy relationship with God but continues to be expressed in the relationships we have with others and with things. So if you are looking for a place that can learn and grow come visit us.

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