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Welcome From Bill Belgie, Lead Pastor for Open Gate Community Church.

Thanks for the visit to the church website. We are busy getting ready for Easter and planning for the rest of the new year I hope that you can join us for events we are planning to advance the Kingdom.   As are many other churches,  as we are working on the plans and remember we are constantly working to update the information on the site so check in again.

-Pastor Bill




About Us

Our vision as a community is to be a place where individuals who live with passion and compassion.  Passion for God and his word and compassion towards those that God loves.  (that includes the one we see in the mirror).  WEE Care Daycare, our Food pantry, worship services, and other ministries are designed to help us live at where these to values intersect.  The calendar list many of the events occurring and if you have any questions please use the contact tab and we will get you that information as quickly as possible.



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